This is such a varied question due to each design having various levels of intricacy. If you view on our prices section, you will see our wedding cakes start at 3 tiers from £355 for a simple semi naked cake and our iced cakes from £445. Any additional decoration is worked out on the level of complexity and time it takes to create.

Most couple like to book a year or even two in advance other like to leave it until just a few months or even weeks before. As much notice as possibly is the answer as we limit the number of cake’s we make in a week to be sure we can give each wedding cake the focus it deserves so if you want us to make your cake getting booked in as soon as you know your date is for the best.

We recommend the cake should serve approximately 70-80% of you guests but of course you know your guest better than we do so if you know they all have a really sweet tooth and are likely to eat more then maybe go a bit higher and if you think your guest are more savoury fans going under the recommended amount might work better for you and we can discuss what is best for you. We have a size and price guide on our prices section.

Each wedding cake tier is approximately 6” tall consisting of 4 layers of sponge and 3 layers of filling. And on our price section you will see a guide based on 1”x1” finger portions and 2”x1” wedge portions to give you an idea.

Yes of course in fact we encourage it. Nothing better than getting a selection of flavours and with our carefully selected flavours menu it would be just too hard to select only one flavours, I’m sure.

Absolutely not. With correct stacking methods you can have any flavours on any tier. The tradition of having a fruit tier is not as popular now days and those coupes who would like one usually want a smaller tier so have it at the top. Or if you are planning on using the top tier for the tradition of using it for your child’s christening it would need to be fruit as sponge should not be kept frozen for more than 3-6 months.

There are lots of things that make our cakes different and the passion we have for everything to be just perfect for you is the biggest part of that. Anyone can make a cake and simply combine the ingredients, but we have spent more than 11 years perfecting our skills, flavours and textures to make sure everything from inside to out is the best it can possibly be. We make the sort of cakes that invoke you to make noise of pure delight when you take a bite.

Each cake is made fresh to order. Cupcakes are made the evening before or sometimes even the morning of your wedding. Semi naked and buttercream cakes will be baked 2 days prior (Thursday) so they can be decorated the day before (Friday) and delivered on the day (Saturday) *days given as example* Iced cakes will depend on the complexity of the design but usually no more than 4 days prior. We never bake and freeze our cakes so that if you have any leftovers, you are able to freeze and enjoy them yourself.

We deliver and set up all wedding cakes at the venue on the day to the venue directly. We will give you an hour time window for our arrival on site and we will require 30 minutes to an hour to set up depending on the complexity of the wedding cake. All we need is a nice level table and if the table has a table cloth we will make sure it is clean before setting up and make sure the venue replace if it is not. If you are supplying anything to be added to your wedding cake we ask that this is left on the cake table so it is to hand when we arrive. We like to arrive after the tables are set and before guest arrive this is usually between 10am-12pm. If you should need a later delivery due to placement of the cake after room change, we can discuss this during your taster and consultation.

Yes, we do,you need to make sure you get the flavours you love. We hold one taster session a month by appointment only. Most couples tend to book their cake in with us in advance and then have a taster closer to the date, so the flavours are fresher in their mind. And the taster session is included in the price of the cake when booking fee is paid. If you wanted to have your taster session before booking your cake with us there is a £25 charge and the price of this will come off the price of the main cake. We cannot hold dates without you booking in your wedding cake and our taster sessions do get booked up quickly.

The short answer is yes, we do. The long answer is that it seems a bit of a rumour that having fake cakes and then a cutting cake is cheaper. This is not the case. If you only need 2 tiers due to guest numbers but want a 3-tier look then fake cakes are perfect. This will give you the look you would like without paying for extra cake that you do not need. If however you do need the servings it makes no sense to have a false cake made and decorated and then a cutting cake as you are still paying for the same amount of servings plus the dummy tier.

We regularly deliver to local venues many of which we have been preferred supplier of for many years. We do however travel wherever we are needed. If you want us to make your wedding cake, we will deliver anywhere in the UK.

If you would like fresh flowers on your cake these will need to be supplied by you or your florist on the day. We do have to make sure that you are aware fresh flowers are not classed as a food safe item as are likely to have bugs or pesticides on them but if you make this choice we will dress the cake with them to make sure that someone else does not damage the cake when dressing it. We do however strongly recommend using artificial or handmade sugar flowers.

To get your date reserved and wedding cake booked in there is a flat rate fee of £200. The remaining balance of your cake will be due 4 weeks prior to the wedding date. Upon confirming you would like us to make your wedding cake we will send you a detailed invoice with our bank details on for bank transfer payment. Once you have notified us that payment is made using your invoice number and or name as reference, we will update your wedding cake invoice to show the booking fee is paid.

We are happy to and have many times made cakes free from dairy, gluten and vegan cakes. We are however not a free from kitchen and regularly have cakes containing dairy, gluten and eggs so do not recommend our cakes for anyone with a serve allergy. Please do contact us about your specific requirements.

Yes we do, you can have Personlised individual biscuits, chocolate brownie hearts, or cake pop hearts, cake pops, and cupcakes. Contact us to discuss ideas

We do have a range of cake stand you can choose to accompany your cake if you would like to, we will set these up with the cake and we require you to bring them back to us within 3 days of the wedding. Some stands are included and some have a small charge depending on the stand you choose and we can go through this with you. If your cake design requires any separators etc this will be included in the cake price but there will be a holding deposit that is held and then returned to you once we have received the items back to us.