Top Tips

 Choosing Your Supplier
It’s very common to hear brides say they have a friend or relative that wants to make their cake but that they aren’t sure about it. If you’re in this situation and you’re not sure, remember it is your day and you have the right to politely (and kindly) refuse, it’s a big deal and to be honest you have to feel entirely confident about it. If you’re happy and your relative or friend is a competent cake maker then great - it could be quite special….

Here’s a few tips if you agree to them having a go; Make sure you have seen them stack a cake properly.  Stacking wedding cakesrequires skill and practice- it’s very different to creating a single layer birthday cake. If they need a little advice I’m happy to help and actually really enjoy passing on my experience and skills so just give me a call. The last thing anyone wants is for the cake to fall over, that could be a total wedding day disaster so pick up the phone and I’ll see what I can suggest. If you decide on a professional Cake Maker ensure that you check out their work and then meet with them.  As with any of your wedding day Suppliers you need to be comfortable with them and their ability.  Plus (perhaps most importantly) the taste and the look of their cakes needs to be fabulous!!! I strongly suggest you meet them to make sure that (amongst other things) you are on the same wave length and that they are professional and reliable. 


I thought what with it being the new wedding season I’d write a little something about how to choose your ‘Perfect’ wedding cake! I’ve met so many wonderful couples over the years and having also arranged my own wedding so I thought I’d share with you some of my professional cakey top tips….


Yes!  It’s true! Size isn’t everything! Your cake can be small and still have the wow factor. Again, remember it is your cake, there are no rules - have whatever you like! As far as servings are concerned I usually suggest that you don’t cater for the full amount of your guests (as a guideline I suggest you cater for approximately 80% of your guests). Not everyone is going to want a piece of cake and the last thing that you want is to be left with lots of left overs. Having said that; one of our recent brides added an extra tier to her cake and the best man took it to the local homeless shelter the next day - I thought that was such a lovely gesture.


The traditional fruit cake is still a popular choice for weddings but if you’re not interested in anything particularly traditional or don’t like fruit cake then don’t have it! If you’d like some fruit cake but not all, consider having the smallest cake tier made in fruit (and yes you can have fruit on the top tier although we only suggest having it on the top for 4 tiers or less). There are so many different flavours available now and we ourselves offer 15 flavours of sponge and 30 different butter creams. So once again if you like Banoffee or Coffee & Walnut you can have it. Have fun meeting your cake maker and trying flavours that you may not have even tried before. I’ve created flavours based on things I love including Turkish Delight and Bakewell Tart…. They’re so scrummy!


 Sometimes simple is the best but additionally a colour scheme can be followed and incorporated in your cake design.  You can either use a coloured coordinating cake ribbon or even colour the icing and sponge itself  to match in with a specific colour

should you wish. It’s always a good idea to look at pictures in magazines and scan designer’s portfolios for ideas but remember changing the size of the tiers will change the look of a cake. Also, remember when looking at magazine pics that there is often a

crew of people specifically crafting that photographic shoot and that it may not be as easy or practical to replicate as you think.  For instance; a buttercream coated rustic /vintage looking cake is not likely to withstand 8 hours of high summer heat before being cut and served! Ensure your cake is personal to you and don’t forget the little things can make a real difference; adding a small twist of colour for example can make the biggest difference. Oh and by the way - it’s our policy to never make the exact cake twice.  Every cake we make is individual and the design will always be changed slightly to match each individual happy couple, that way every couple enjoys their own unique individual cake for each individual wedding day. Cake Display and Placement After spending lots of time choosing the perfect flavour and design of your cake don’t forget to give some thought to where it will be positioned and how. Find out where in your venue your cake will be placed and if the table will be dressed?  Is it hidden away in a shadowy corner that will benefit from a little lighting? Or is it placed under super strong florescent lighting that could ruin the effect altogether? Does your venue have a stand to use if so what condition is it in? … Yes, you would be alarmed at the state of some stands that we have had to use to set up on! Again most professional cake makers like us will have stands that you can hire out. These considerations are really crucial, it would be a crying shame to design and spend out on a beautiful cake only to find that no-one notices it.  






Ensure that delivery arrangements are discussed before accepting a price. The last thing you want is to be suddenly hit with additional delivery or set up charges that you didn’t know anything about. Of course we always deliver and set up our wedding cakes to ensure that it is exactly as you’ve requested. We are professionals who know how to transport and carry cakes, and again trust me this is an area that you cannot afford to risk going wrong!  We also take emergency kits spare flowers and such should anything need to be fixed. You don’t want everybody falling out with Uncle Frank because he picked up your wedding cake and left it leaning on the back seat all the way to the venue only to have then fallen over now do you, lol?   

In conclusion; remember that your wedding cake is just as important and as personal as your bridal dress, the Groom’s suit or your wedding day flowers. It has to match you as a couple and is a very personal and key part of your big day. Have a look at our creations at and if we can help you any way please don’t hesitate to contact us.