Wedding Cakes

The Process

We don’t offer a one size fits all drop down list of wedding cakes to select from. We want the cake to be completely unique for you and just how you want it to be inside and out.

First things first we need to make sure we have your date available so get in contact let us know your venue and date so we can check this for you. Once we know your date, we need to know your guest numbers. We recommend the cake should serve approximately 70-80% of your guests but you know your guests better than us if you feel like your guests would want more then by all means go bigger or if you feel like you need less then go for less. We would say 50% is probably the lowest to go for servings.

Once we have found the right size cake for you needs, we can look at design. Some couples have such a strong sense of what they would like, and we can get the design down right away. Other couples get their cake booked in on a simple plain iced and then we go over the details and finalise the design when they come for their taster consultation closer to the date just so they get their date booked in. We have a flat rate booking fee of £200. This will hold your date as we only make one cake a day and if we have a highly detailed cake, it will only be one cake for the whole week. So, getting your date book in as soon as you have chosen us as your cake maker is important.

We suggest coming for your taster and consultation closer to your wedding date so that flavours etc are more set-in mind and you are likely to know your menu choices etc for your day so will know what cake flavours will complement the other food on your big day. When you come for your taster, we ask you to select six flavours from our menu to try so you have a lovely variety to choose from. You are given an hours’ time slot, but the average consultation time is around 45mins. Our consultations are designed for you to come as a couple, however if you need to bring children with you, you are more than welcome or if you would like others to attend then please do ask and we can discuss option.

We recommend just you as a couple come to the taster and these are made for two but if you feel like you would like others to attend, please do ask and we can discuss options.

After your taster and consultation, we will get your invoice updated with finalised design and flavour choice with the final balance being due 4 weeks prior to your wedding date. This is also the final cut off point for any changes to the wedding cake.

We will also get a sketch of your cake drawn up so you can get an idea of all the pieces you like together and give you a clear idea of your design so you can make any changes you might like.

Last step of the process is us arriving at your venue and delivering your fully bespoke delicious wedding cake. We will co-ordinate with your wedding venue for all the delivery and set up arrangements so you wont have anything to worry about on the date we will be in and out without you even knowing we were there.

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